Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Yummy maths

Today we used wine gums and tooth picks to make 3D shapes. 
Can you name the shapes?


  1. Dear Rm 6, I wish I did maths in your class - it looks like it is fun. What were the names of the shapes you made? What did you do with your shapes at the end of maths?
    from Mrs Torrie

    1. Thanks Mrs Torrie,
      We had lots of fun! We described our shape to a friend, we named the shape, how many vertices, how many edges and how many faces it had.
      After we ate our yummy shapes! The wine gums were delicious! From Room 6 :)

  2. Dear Room 6, if you look at the top of your blog you can see tabs to the other Middle Syndicate blogs. You can go and read about their classroom as well.
    from Mrs Torrie