Monday, March 30, 2015

Acrostic Poem - Poppies

We are learning about World War 1 and what life was like for our ANZAC soldiers in Gallipoli.
We are full of new knowledge so we created acrostic poems about poppies and what they represent.

Before doing this task individually we work together to co-construct an acrostic poem.

Art Day 1

Today's art day was a great success. 
We experimented with positive and negative space using fluro colours and Indian ink. 

Positive space - the object or objects you are drawing.

Negative space - the area around and in between whatever your are drawing.

Do you know which picture is showing a positive space or negative space?

Friday, March 20, 2015

Soccer Skills

Over the last 6 weeks we have had soccer skills with Blake and Lizzie from Central Football. 
Here is a fast look at our last lesson.


Callum and Kyra were the lucky winners of a soccer memory card game. they both showed great sportsmanship and determination in learning soccer skills.

                                                      Thanks Blake and Lizzie!! 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Trip To The Museum

What a great visit we had to the Museum. We learnt so much about World War One. 
Here are some highlights of our day. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Triathlon Training

Action never stops in Team Pango!

 What a great day we had today. 

We are so proud of our tamariki they showed great determination, participation, perseverance, team work and school spirit during our Team Pango Triathlon! 


                                 Here are our team and individuals winners. 

Sunday, March 8, 2015


Everyday we are surrounded by Awapuni super kids but today it was all kinds of super heroes around our school.
Our fundraising 'Superhero day' for Relay for Life was a huge success. Thank you for your generous donations for such a good cause. The teachers have been in training for the Relay for Life 24 hour walk on the 14th & 15th March.

Keep an eye out for the next yummy fundraising treat. DONUT DAY ... coming soon.

Enviro Session with Kauri

Room Six have been kind to our school environment by weeding our trees growing in the new forest area.
We were all surprised at how fast they have grown.
Kauri taught us how to care for them.
We worked cooperatively and enjoyed our time in the forest area.

I wonder if the fabulous children from Room 6 are this helpful at home?

Pango in Pyjamas

Pango in Pyjamas

What a fantastic time we had during our Pango in Pyjamas sleepover and our adventure days.
A big thank you to all our parent helpers and a special thanks to Mrs Torrie and Mrs Gomm for all their organisation so we could have so much fun.
What was the highlight your child shared with you?

Beach Ed

We have been learning about how to be safe in the water. The team at Waikanae Surf lifesaving Club taught us all about water safety.

Here are the 10 tips we learnt.

Be prepared.Look out for signs.Swim between the flags."If in doubt stay out."Use the right gear.Always have an adult watching.Never swim alone.Think about other people in the water.Know your limits.Listen to the lifeguards.