Monday, March 30, 2015

Art Day 1

Today's art day was a great success. 
We experimented with positive and negative space using fluro colours and Indian ink. 

Positive space - the object or objects you are drawing.

Negative space - the area around and in between whatever your are drawing.

Do you know which picture is showing a positive space or negative space?


  1. Wow Room 6, your artwork looks vibrant and striking! Is the negative space the one with the Black letter? from Cherith (Jasher's Mum)

  2. Love your art work room 6 very colorful
    From Alisha (Laytons Mum)

  3. Awesome art Room 6, I liked how you used positive and negative space to make the letters really stand out from the page. What a cool artistic technique you have learnt. I hear you also learnt about repeating patterns and overlapping shapes to create backgrounds that are a real riot of colours and shapes. Tino Pai James (Kyra's dad)