Monday, May 25, 2015

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Remembering our ANZACS

Check out the movie we put together showing some of the highlights from our WW1 inquiry.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Kitchen Science

Team Pango has gone Crazy... oh hold on its just kitchen Science fun!

SHERBET Creating
Room 6 was buzzing with excitement as we predicted what all the ingredients might be used for.
We all tried the different ingredients individually, some were sour and some were sweet.
Next we combined all the ingredients and tried it again... YUM.
The flavours combine created a fizzy, fluffy feeling on our tongues.
We had a great discussion around why Sherbet reacted this way on our tongue.
Come into room six to see our results displayed in the classroom on our Food Science Wall.

Coke and Mentos!

Continuing our investigations into chemical reactions were thought we would try out the Coke & Mentos experiment.
We used a 2 liter bottle of coke and 7 Mentos (the plain ones).
Our reaction was o.k, we predicted it would go higher.
We are going to try it again using Diet Coke. 
We wonder if this will make a difference?

To see a detailed explanation about why this happens go to Mythbusters

Cosmic Rocket

We are exploring chemical reactions.
We experimented using the 'Cosmic Rocket'  
In the base of the rocket we had baking soda then the rocket was filled 1/3 with vinegar. Very carefully but quickly we placed the rocket onto  its base and moved away. In a matter of seconds the reaction occurred sending the rocket flying in to the air.
Check out the excitement and surprise on the faces of the students. :)

Parents beware the students are keen to try this at home...

Life Ed

A big shout out to Harold and Quentin from Life Education for teaching us new life skills.
We are all glad to hear that Harold's friend Billy is liking his new school and has made lots of new friends. Thank you for the lovely letter and answering some of  our questions.
We all enjoyed spending time with you and can't wait until we see you again.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Mind Lab Group Two Robotics

Maths Measurement

We have gone crazy measuring items and objects in our classroom.
We are learning about grams and kilograms.
We have weighed our lunch boxes, pencils, books, school bags, shoes, jumpers and even ourselves!

Watch out Room Six children are looking out for more things to weigh!

Mind Lab!!!

Our exciting visit to the Mind Lab was MIND BLOWING!
Room Six is full of budding computer programmers and Robotic creators.
Words can not describe how much fun we had.
Here are some pictures and movies of our fun!

Thank you Miss Beattie for joining us in our adventure at Mind Lab.
A big thanks to the team at Mind Lab for teaching us new skills.
See you again in Term 3! 

Mind Lab Group One Robotics

Newsletter Term 2 Week 4 & 5

Click Here to view the latest Room 6 newsletter.

Visitors to Room 6

Joshua brought in some cute kittens.
His mum saved them and they are now going to find them homes.
We think Joshua and his family are the 'Community Kind'

Town library

We love going to the town library, its a real highlight for us all.
Here are some very happy children who swapped their books for new ones.

Next Visit to the Town library is ...
Friday the 19th June.

Eating like Soldiers!

A few weeks a go we had a visit form Mrs Kemp. 
She shared with us a range of different equipment soldiers would have used in the war.
Mrs Kemp had a surprise for us all...she brought in some cabin bread and bully beef for us to try.
Yum, yum, yum. We all wanted seconds!