Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Dancing Raisins

Raisin Experiment.
We wondered what would happen when we put raisins in Sprite?
This is what happened...

The Raisins danced!

We discovered that the C02 bubbles latched to the wrinkles on the raisins causing them to rise. The more gas (bubbles) that attached the lighter the raisins got causing them to float to the surface.
When they get to the surface the gas bubbles pop! The raisins get heavy and sink back down to the bottom.
The raisins continue to move up and down and it looks like they are dancing.

This is an easy and safe experiment to try at home.
Have FUN.

I wonder if it will work with other dried fruits?

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Haiku Poems

We have been learning about Haiku Poems.

First line has 5 syllables
Second line as 7 syllables
Third line has 5 syllables

Here are some we created.
Very clever for our first attempt.
I think we have some budding poets in Room 6!

Can you create a Haiku poem?
Leave it in our comment section...