Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Jump Jam

Term 2 and 3 Team Pango have been doing Jump Jam in the hall on wet cold days. 
We are having lots of fun dancing in the hall.
We follow the actions that are on the screen.  
Here are some photos we want to share with you doing Jump Jam. 

Tell us if you like our photos of Jump Jam in the comment box.

By Kyra & Te Aroha


  1. Dear Kyra and Te Aroha,
    I am impressed with your blogging skills. This is a very good post because your information is written clearly and concisely. It has appropriate photos that illustrate your words perfectly. Did you take the photos?
    Ka mau te wehi!
    Mrs Torrie

  2. Great effort Kyra and Te Aroha. You are developing wonderfully useful skills through being able to blog. Congratulations.

  3. Thanks Mr Langford and we are very happy that you like our blog!
    Yes Mrs Torrie we did take those photos.
    From Te Aroha and Kyra