Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Kapa Haka Festival

Room 6 love Kapa Haka and participating in the festival was a huge highlight in our learning year! A million thank you's to Matua Shane and Koka Sam for preparing us so well for our performance.

Persuasive Writing

Room 6 have begun persuasive writing! During our first session, we decided to present our writing in the form of a "friendly argument". Awapuni School students should wear a uniform.. Do you agree or disagree?

Monday, November 23, 2015


Swimming is underway...
The sun is shining and the students enjoyed a refreshing swim this afternoon.

Remember to bring your togs everyday!

Green Factor

Wow! what a fun way to start week 7.
The Enviro Team from the G.D.C came and performed 
'The Green Factor'
We laughed and laughed and had a lot of fun, some children were asked to be helpers.
We learnt a cool new song and we were reminded how important it is to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Can you sing the song you learnt to your family?


Friday Fun Day!
We have a sneak preview today of the Pantomime 'Cinderella'
It was a modern version with a twist.
I wonder how it will end????

Are you going to see Cinderella?

Athletics Fun

Athletics day was filled with lots of laughter and fun.
I saw great team work and lots of celebrations - It was so nice to hear the children congratulating each other during the sprints and Tabloids activities.

Great team work and big smiles.
What another great day at Awapuni Kura.

Town Library Trip with Room 2

On our last Town Library day we joined Room 2.
What a great time we had sharing our books and library skills with each other.

We love going to the Town Library.
Our next trip to the Town Library is on Friday the 4th December.

Make sure you check out the summer holiday programme for lots of fun things to do.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Art day Term 4

                 Zentangle Christmas Trees. 

We have been exploring icons and symbolism in New Zealand culture.
We constructed Kiwiana jandals from cardboard and drew on icons and symbols of New Zealand. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Butterfly and Bee Garden

The Monarch Butterfly is in trouble.
Help us save our disappearing butterflies.

Last year, numbers of these beautiful creatures decreased, so the more we can do to help them through the breeding stages and feed them when they're adults, the more their numbers will increase.
Here at Awapuni School we are being Kind to the Environment by creating a Butterfly and Bee garden to attract these endangered pollinators.

YOU can help too...as members of the Moths and Butterflies of New Zealand Trust we have sourced quality swan plant seeds.
You can purchase 10 seeds for $2.00 to plant in your garden to help attract and feed the Monarch Butterfly through its various stages of development.
All money raised will be used to purchase plants for our school Butterfly and Bee garden.

Please return order form and money to Mrs Bava in Room 6.

Dive Tatapouri Adventure

Here are some pictures from our adventure to Dive Tatapouri.
A big thank you to all our parent helpers and of course Chris and the team at Dive Tatapouri for looking after us for the afternoon.
These photos capture some of the excitement we had.
Watch this space as I am working on a movie full of highlights from this fantastic day. 

Enjoying creating sandcastles. 
The theme was the Ocean.

Can you pick what the sand castle creations are?

Green team

Here are our 'Green Team' members from Rm 6 - Kahn, Cheidan and Jake.
They have been working hard all year with the rest of the school Green Team, Miss Wallis and Kauri to keep our school environment clean, creating a school map and keeping our new forest and gardens weeded and looking great.
Well done GREEN TEAM, you make us proud!

Art Day Term 3

Term 3 was full of learning around Conservation. Room 6 looked at the affects plastic has on our environment, especially our oceans.
We created a poster full of information - for a closer look check it out in our school library.

We got busy during our art day creating
 Minion Grass Heads using recyclable materials.
We planted them with wheat grass which sprouted over the holidays.



Yum, yum we nibbled on the wheat grass as we sculpted the Minions a fancy hair do!