Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The wait is over...

Finally it is complete.
Check out our highlights from our 
Dive Tatapouri  Adventure!

Make sure you go and see the Team at Dive Tatapouri for awesome adventures in the ocean!
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  1. Wow Rm 6! You had an amazing time. I love the way this video takes us through the experience. You must have worked very hard to get it all together. Well done.
    Mrs T

  2. Hey, that was brilliant Room 6. It felt like I was actually there? Thoroughly deserved reward for your Anzac Writing Award, and a great experience. Thanks Mrs Bava and Room 6 for sharing.

  3. A great video Room 6. Well done. Wish I was able to go with you.
    From Mr Langford

  4. Thank you room 6 for letting me be apart of this wonderful adventure. I really enjoy reading your blogs and this video is amazing. Well done for all your hard work throughout the year and great team work. Thank you Mrs Bava for everything. Anita

  5. Wow we looked great out there in our giant waders.
    I loved patting the sting-rays.
    Moetara whanau