Monday, December 5, 2016

Heart of Gisborne Christmas Tree

With our buddy class we decorated a Christmas Tree for the Heart of Gisborne
Our theme was 'Super Heroes'

Have you spotted our Christmas Tree in town?

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Grinchmas with Miss Beattie

Come into Room 6 to check out of week of "Grinchmas". Our end of week tr eat was to make Grinch Kebabs.. the photos say it all!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Student Led Conference 2016

Student Led Conferences are just around the corner, it's time to start practising so we are ready to share our learning with our families.
Here are Room 6 getting ready.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Our Buddy Class

Going on a bug hunt ... We enjoy spending time with our buddies from Room 15.
Last week we enjoyed a bug hunt through the Enviro Garden and Butterfly Garden identifying the many Mini-beasts that live in our school environment.

What types of Mini-beasts live in your garden?

Monday, June 13, 2016

Life Ed

We have just finished our sessions with Harold and Quentin from Life Ed...
We really enjoyed learning more about being a good friend, what that looks and sounds like and also all about how to be a good digital citizen. 

Thanks Harold and Quentin, we look forward to seeing you again soon! 

Monday, May 9, 2016

Welcome to Term 2 - Newsletter

Welcome back.
Term 2 Update...
Room 6 have had a great start back to the term and enjoying the most of this beautiful weather.

Learning focuses for this term are...
  • Our Inquiry for this term is 'Mighty Midgets and Tiny Tyrants'. We have been on the hunt for these many creatures living in our school environment.Over the coming weeks each reading group will be learning about  different insect, this week we are investigating - Sand flies, Worms, Stick Insects, a Fly and Praying Mantis. 
We visited the butterfly garden to check on the many caterpillars we had been observing at the end of term one and Wow many of the plants had been stripped bare and the fence is covered in the next round of Chrysalis. We hope they get a wiggle on in their development before the weather turns cold!

  • The students are enjoying writing about the many adventures they had during the holidays and we are also learning and writing about being a good friend. Today the students wrote some beautiful poems about their best friends. Keep an eye out for these wee gems once they have been published.
  • Digital Citizenship is an important focus as we embrace the new challenges and learning that comes with the launch of Chrome Books in Team Pango. The students are enjoying this new challenge and show great enthusiasm each day as we learn something new. Today I introduced Dance Mat Typing which is an interactive program to help with keyboard skills.
  • In  Mathematics we are learning about measurement - ask your child to explain the difference between a non standard and standard form of measurement. The students are measuring anything insight (including themselves and others)using both forms of measurement.
Important Dates:
13th May - Rm6 Town Library visit
9th May - Study Support Centre starts
16th May - Felting workshop for gifted and talented students
19th May - Team Pango assembly - hosted by Rm 3
24th May - Gymnastic Festival
2nd-9th June - Life Education lessons at school ($2.00 payable to the office please)
17th June - Rm 6 Town Library visit
5th & 6th July - Parent Interviews
7th July - End of Term for Students
8th July - End of Term 2 - Teachers Only Day
25th July - Term 3 begins

Yours in learning
Janine Bava

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Student of the Weeks...

Week 6
Tyler - Awesome work! You are striving to do your best everyday. 

Week 7
Lyriq - you are new to our school and already are a role model in Room 6. Keep up the great work. 

Week 8
You are a star! - You are whizzing along using Google Docs in class and are sharing your knowledge with others. Well done. 

Week 9

Ka Pai Kayden! 
Your zooming up the learning rockets and giving new learning a go. Awesome

Team Pango Shield Week 9

Congratulations Amelia

We are so proud of you ... You demonstrate all the qualities that make an ‘Awapuni Super Kid’ along with being an excellent role model in Team Pango. 
You take pride in your school work always striving to present quality. You are developing a growth mind set and I this is especially evident when we have discussions around problem solving. I enjoy listening to you explain your thinking and observing you challenging yourself. You are a reliable classroom monitor who takes pride in any task you do whether it be big or small. I appreciate the care and attention you have put in during your time as the ‘Butterfly Garden’ monitor. Your informative recounts about how many Caterpillars have turned into chrysalis and Butterflies that have hatched are enjoyed by all. You show a great enthusiasm for learning and I know this will continue throughout your learning years.

Keep up this great learning journey and continue to give new things a go. 

Use Kind Words

Check out our cool movie we made to present at Kind Assembly. 
Our PB4L focus was 'Using Kind Words'
We worked individually and in small groups to create our sentences and practice saying them too!

We were inspired by Kid President.
 Click here to watch his You Tube Clip 'A Pep Talk' 
here to watch '20 Things We Should Say More Often'

Please leave a comment below. :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Team Pango Sheild

Goes to...   Jack

You have had an actioned packed start to your learning year in room 6 and Team Pango. Every morning you come into class with a smile on your face greet us all, you have lovely manners and are a kind and caring friend. You demonstrate the qualities that make an Awapuni Super Kid along with being a role model in Team Pango. 
You are working hard on developing a real give it a go attitude when trying new things and this was evident in the successful Pango in Pyjamas sleepover and marine reserve visit.  We were all so proud of how you joined in the fun and achieved a new goal.
Jack you take pride in your school work striving to present quality and I can see you challenging your own thinking especially around our integrated study this term. 
Keep up this great learning journey and continue to give new things a go.
Fantastic work Jack


Eating Watermelon...

Yummy, delicious, fleshy, juicy and even yucky! ... are just a few of the words we used when describing eating watermelon. It was a fun time sitting out int he sun enjoy this summer fruit. Watermelon really is the taste of summer.


What is your favourite Summer fruit?

Week 4 Student of the Week

Congratulations Oliver.

You have been working hard and focusing on your learning. This was evident in your lovely poem 'Who am I' using describing words to paint a picture in the readers mind.      Well done keep up the great work. 

Week 3 Student of the Week

Congratulations Cody.
You have been a kind and caring Awapuni Kid supporting your friends and classmates during our Sleepover and Marine Reserve visit. What a great role model you are.

Newsletter Week 5

Click here to view the latest newsletter.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Treasures from the Sea - ART

After our recent adventures we created some art of what we could see down at Midway beach. We used a few treasures we found amongst the sand dunes to create a 3D piece of art. 

Come on in and view our art... it is on display in  the school hall.

Marine Reserve

What a beautiful morning we had for our marine reserve adventure.
Here we are all ready to go...

Off we go into the rock pools to discover many treasures from the sea.

We used a Go Pro to capture moments out in the marine reserve. Keep an eye out for new blog posts... I will be uploading highlights very soon.
Click here to view Oliver and his mum with a moving Paua!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Sleep Over

Sleep over report... Swimming in the rain, Science fun, dinner, dishes, games, setting up our beds, supper, teeth and all snuggled up in bed asleep... ready for our next adventure. 

Snorkelling practice & Activity Day

Wow what a busy few days we have had.
Amy came in and taught us all how to use a snorkel, mask and flippers ready for our big adventure on Thursday.
Check these happy faces.

Our activity day was fun filled with sandcastle competitions, finding treasures on the beach and a picnic lunch at the adventure playground.

Newsletter Week 3

Click here to view week 3's Newsletter.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Wk 2 Student of the week

Congratulations Leigh.
You have had a great start to your learning year in room 6. You are a great role model to others who is always keen to help out and share ideas. You are a kind and caring friend and we are lucky to have you as part of our room 6 family for 2016.

Shared Reading

 We have been reading the book called -Treasures from the Sea.
We all enjoyed reading it together and with our buddy.
It was fun creating a Venn diagram of what Megan found at the beach and what we have found at the beach. Some things were the same.
It's amazing what treasures you find at the beach!

 I wonder what treasures we will find when we go to the Marine Reserve?

Butterfly Garden

With my group of lunch time helpers we lifted the netting that has been protecting the Swan plants while they were growing. We weeded the garden and now it's all ready for butterflies to start visiting.

How big have your Swan plants grown?

Monday, February 8, 2016

Wk 1 Student of the Week

Congratulations Lorraine.
Thank you for always wearing a beautiful smile, having lovely manners and a great learning attitude that you bring into class each and very day.

Swimming has begun!

Well done to all those students who remembered their togs last week. :)
Remember to bring your togs every day, Pat starts with us on Tuesday the 9th and we have snorkeling lessons with Amy & Jo on Tuesday the 16th February in preparation for our Marine Reserve visit on Thursday the 18th February.

Introducing Room 6...

Wow, what a fantastic week one we have had to kick start our learning year.
We have a busy term ahead so just a reminder to keep an eye out for the Team Pango newsletters, our classroom newsletter, right here on our blog and also the students bags for latest updates.

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