Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Team Pango Sheild

Goes to...   Jack

You have had an actioned packed start to your learning year in room 6 and Team Pango. Every morning you come into class with a smile on your face greet us all, you have lovely manners and are a kind and caring friend. You demonstrate the qualities that make an Awapuni Super Kid along with being a role model in Team Pango. 
You are working hard on developing a real give it a go attitude when trying new things and this was evident in the successful Pango in Pyjamas sleepover and marine reserve visit.  We were all so proud of how you joined in the fun and achieved a new goal.
Jack you take pride in your school work striving to present quality and I can see you challenging your own thinking especially around our integrated study this term. 
Keep up this great learning journey and continue to give new things a go.
Fantastic work Jack


Eating Watermelon...

Yummy, delicious, fleshy, juicy and even yucky! ... are just a few of the words we used when describing eating watermelon. It was a fun time sitting out int he sun enjoy this summer fruit. Watermelon really is the taste of summer.


What is your favourite Summer fruit?

Week 4 Student of the Week

Congratulations Oliver.

You have been working hard and focusing on your learning. This was evident in your lovely poem 'Who am I' using describing words to paint a picture in the readers mind.      Well done keep up the great work. 

Week 3 Student of the Week

Congratulations Cody.
You have been a kind and caring Awapuni Kid supporting your friends and classmates during our Sleepover and Marine Reserve visit. What a great role model you are.

Newsletter Week 5

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