Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Team Pango Shield Week 9

Congratulations Amelia

We are so proud of you ... You demonstrate all the qualities that make an ‘Awapuni Super Kid’ along with being an excellent role model in Team Pango. 
You take pride in your school work always striving to present quality. You are developing a growth mind set and I this is especially evident when we have discussions around problem solving. I enjoy listening to you explain your thinking and observing you challenging yourself. You are a reliable classroom monitor who takes pride in any task you do whether it be big or small. I appreciate the care and attention you have put in during your time as the ‘Butterfly Garden’ monitor. Your informative recounts about how many Caterpillars have turned into chrysalis and Butterflies that have hatched are enjoyed by all. You show a great enthusiasm for learning and I know this will continue throughout your learning years.

Keep up this great learning journey and continue to give new things a go.